Fly green, daily

Passenger plane flying a green aviation route

ASPIRE is committed to implementing world's best practice in air traffic management and environmental stewardship.

Green aviation routes will deliver environmental best practice to airlines across Asia Pacific and North America.

The success of ASPIRE has gone well beyond the regional boundaries of Asia and the Pacific.

It is now held up as an example of collaboration that can have far reaching environmental benefits throughout the world.

Latest News

LORADS III – Singapore's "Aspiring" Third Generation ATC System

The ASPIRE partners publish the first article in a quarterly series highlighting improvements Air Navigation Service provides are delivering to minimise the impact of aviation on the environment.

2013 Annual Report

The ASPIRE partners have published the 2013 ASPIRE Annual Report. This years report focuses upon the transformation that ATM must undergo to accommodate the enormous traffic growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

RECAT Means More Flights, Less Fuel

The FAA is working to identify opportunities and locations for implementing wake RECAT over the next three years.

Daily Routes

Best practices for ASPIRE Daily routes

View the daily routes delivering environmental best practice to airlines across Asia Pacific and North America - every single day.

Our Goals

  • introduce operational procedures to reduce aviation's environmental footprint for all phases of flight.
  • allow members to exchange and use environmentally friendly procedures and standards across the world.
  • capitalise on existing technology and best practices.
  • develop shared performance metrics to measure improvements in the environmental performance of the air transportation system.